DECO’s assignments in Madagascar

Ministry of Development Cooperation, Oslo

Evaluation of FIFAMANOR, 1988


Planning process for support to the education sector, Desk appraisal, UNESCO, FLM project,        1997

Teacher Training College, Desk Study, 1997
Collection of information regarding the education sector in Madagascar, Desk study, 1996

Assessment of UNICEF’s Girls’ Programme, Desk Study, 1996

Assessment of UNICEF’s Postalphabetisation Programme, Desk Study, 1996

Appraisal of UNICEF’s Project Document, Dina Project, Madagascar, 1996

Assisting in the planning, UNICEF’s DINA Programme, 1996

Evaluation of Himo Route et Himo Batiment, ILO, 2003

Commenting annual report, MAG 0004, Strenghtening Primary Education in Madagascar, 2002

Commenting project documnet, “HIMO Batiment 2004-2005”, Desk Study, 2003

Assistance to an evaluation of a UNICEF education programme and preparation of the next project phase, NORAD, UNICEF, MINES, EB/FLM

Review of the Norwegian development cooperation with Madagascar, Country review, 2002

Assessment of planning documents for Madagascar, UNICEF, (DINA), ILO/MAG, Teacher Education Fandriana, 1997

Desk Assessment, UNICEF DINA Project, Annual Report, 1999

Evaluation/Review of HIMO URBAIN, 2004

Evaluation/Review of HIMO ROUTE et HIMO BATIMENT, 2004
Evaluation of HIMO URBAIN, BATIMENT and COMMUNAL, 2005

Desk Review of request from MENRS to Norway in the field of Education, 2005

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