The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Children for Courage (CfC !�

Exhibition illustrating Norway�s promotion of children�s rights in connection with Norway�s Centennial Anniversary 2005. Travelling exhibition to 16 countries. In collaboration with the Children�s Museum in Stavanger/Norway.


Sida (on behalf of the donor group and Ethiopian Ministry of Education:

Gender Issues in Education in Ethiopia�.

The Education Sector Development Programme. Study in connection with Joint Review Mission of ESDP October-November 2003. Ethiopia.


Ireland Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dublin.

�Joint Review Mission, ESDP� (Education Sector Development Programme) Responsibility for Educational Quality and Dropout aspects to the Ethiopia covering the Oromia Region. October/November 2003, Ethiopia.



Appraisal of Eritrea�s Teacher Training Institute�.

Desk study. September/October 2003. Junior Secondary School College, Mai-Nefhi. Eritrea.


The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

�Norwegian Support to Cultural Development in Afghanistan and Sri Lanka.

Field Work in Afghanistan November 2003. Field Work Sri Lanka Jan-Feb 2004



The World Bank:

�Early Childhood Development� (ECD)

Government of Eritrea/ World Bank. Monitoring and Evaluation Expert. Participation in Progress Review Mission Eritrea 1-12 June 2003. Mid �Term Review Mission November 2003. Eritrea.


The Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs/UNICEF:

�African Girls Education Initiative�

UNICEF programme. Mid-term Review. Member of the Review team. Field Work Eritrea and Kenya in May 2003 and Burkina Faso September 2003.




Registry of Norwegian education development data (1999-2002) September. Norway



Norwegian Institute for Air Research

External Evaluation of UNESCO�s International Geological Correlation Programme (IGCP). Advisory function.



Evaluation of the UNICEF education programme in Madagascar.

Advisory functions related to evaluation and assistance in planning future support to UNICEF and FLM. September.


NORAD/Norwegian Embassy in Dhaka

Joint Appraisal of BRAC�s Education Programme (BEP 2004-2009).

Team member, August. Bangladesh.



ADEA Working Group COMED, Working Group on Communication for Education and Development.

Secretary function, July. Norway.



Reporting on promising TVET projects funded by NORAD,

May/June. Norway.



Norwegian cooperation with Ministry of Education and Higher Education,

Palestinian Areas. Desk appraisal, May. Palestinian Areas



�HIMO Routes� and �HIMO Batiments� – Road and school infrastructure development in Madagascar.

Mid-Term Review. March/April.



Role of Civil Society Organisations in Education Sector-Wide Programmes�.

Study/research in collaboration with HESO/Norway. March/April. Field work in Zambia.



Eritrea – Education sector update.

Review of the education sector with particular focus on need for cooperation in teacher training. Desk Study.



Educaid � newsletter. Editing.


Ireland Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Dublin

Joint Review Mission, ESDP (Education Sector Development Programme).

Sub-team leader covering the Southern Region (SNNPR). February/March. Ethiopia.



Appraisal of Needs Programme Formulation Mission. Eritrea�s Integrated Recovery programme�

Participation in an international team (representing education sector) coordinated by UNHCR. Field work Eritrea 10-24 January 2003.

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